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The practice has been involved for a number of years at home and abroad with manufacturing and industrial plants. These facilities have involved us in developing our expertise in 3D design analysis and detailing. The detailing element allows us to incorporate major services and other production plant into our model and for us to carry out clash detection and ensure that the facility is constructed as efficiently as possible. Furthermore the 3D steel fabrication design and detailing element allow us to incorporate any available sections around the world into our design and then allows us to detail in that section so that availability is never a concern.

We have successfully carried out work in Europe, the Middle East and Far East, in American, Indian and Chinese steel section, and provide that information in both metric and imperial sizes. Countries we have worked in providing design and details for industrial developments, predominantly production and conveyor systems and their supports and infrastructure:- France, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and China.

The companies we have worked for are both UK and American based, and have included consideration for conveyor systems and substantial plant and movement of raw material including trafficing and checking for routes and processes. The latest £15.0m scheme is for Moog at there new UK headquarters on i54 Wolverhampton, which includes accommodating their requirements for their manufacturing within the scheme.

On the majority of sites if not all we carry out appraisals in terms of coordinating site investigation works and ground engineering assessment to optimise site usage and reduce construction cost where possible. As part of this process we also carry out on and offsite highways design and detail including HA/LA 278 works.

As part of this process we will carry out SUDS and storm water storage assessments and design again to look at economic ways to assist n the developments viability. To that end on i54 Wolverhampton, due to our involvement on the site, are carrying out an overall strategy appraisal in conjunction with AWM and Mouchel in respect of the global storm water distribution to optimise developable land take up.

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